Mark's Bills

I believe constituents have a right to know what their elected representatives are up to, particularly with regard to legislation they introduce. I plan to uphold what I call the Gold Standard of Transparency by directing my staff to video-record the proceedings on each of my bills as they come before subcommittee and committee. That way, every constituent can know exactly what was said and done on each of the 20 or so bills I introduce.  Scroll down to see my bills for the 2017 and 2016 sessions.

    Committee Assignments (2016, 2017)

    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Science and Technology


    Legislation (2017)

    Chief Patron Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Medical Marijuana (HB 2135)

    Cannabinoid oils have been shown to cause apoptosis in cancer cells (killing them), and can be used in place of dangerous opioid drugs in treating pain for many ailments. I have introduced legislation to allow these oils to be used by cancer patients in Virginia, and will continue to advocate on this issue.

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    Presidential tax returns/Compliance with Constitution (HB 2444)

    I have proposed legislation requiring candidates for President of the United States to disclose 10 years of prior tax returns as well as any foreign gifts or emoluments (in order to demonstrate compliance with Article I, Section 9, Clause 8 of the U.S. Constitution). This would be a prerequisite for the candidate to be listed on the Virginia state ballot, and would otherwise have no binding force on the candidates.

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    Reporting Predatory Loans (HB 2445)

    Predatory loans would make the activities of those providing predatory sub-consumer loans in Virginia more transparent by requiring them to be licensed (as many other types of loans are already!)

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    Legislation (2016)

    Budget Request Chief Patron Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Easing Restrictions on Marriage Officiants (HB 1006)

    Mark Levine advocated for a common sense change to Virginia's outdated laws regulating who can marry two individuals. Currently marriage officiant liscences are approved at the local level to wildly different standards. Unfortunately, the Republicans on the subcommittee tabled the bill without a reason.

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    Raising the Minimum Wage - Full Testimony (HB 995)

    Mark Levine and advocates for raising the minimum wage presented a strong case for a locality by locality wage hike. The bill was then tabled for the year by the Republicans on the subcommittee on a party-line vote.

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    Proposes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana in Virginia (HB 997)

    Virginia State Delegate Mark Levine proposed that non-violent drug possession offenders get one chance to remove their charge from their records so they could apply for jobs years later. Republicans on the Committee defeated the bill on a party-line vote.

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