Representing Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax

Meet Delegate Mark Levine


A Long History of Progressive Activism and Legislation

Mark Levine was elected in 2015 to represent the 45th Delegate District of Virginia (Alexandria, Arlington, Fairfax).

Mark has a record of crafting progressive legislation at the local, state, and federal level that spans three decades. Mark is dedicated to turning the progressive ideals of our community into laws that help people and advance justice for all Americans.

Mark is a passionate advocate for all women and children, particularly those who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault.  Following the murder of his sister by her husband, Mark fought for 10 years to bring his ex-brother-in-law to justice and for his parents to obtain custody of his sister’s two children so they would not grow up with the man who murdered their mother. 

Mark is one of two openly gay members of the House of Delegates. 


A Record of Legislative Accomplishment

  • Co-founded the bi-partisan, bi-cameral Virginia Transparency Caucus, to make committee and subcommittee meetings in the General Assembly accessible to the public

  • Passed HB 2127, extending the time period by which Physical Evidence Recovery Kits (PERKs) are saved from destruction (passed House & Senate unanimously)

  • Obtained 24/7 Sexual Assault Nurse Examination services at INOVA Fairfax for sexual assault victims throughout Northern Virginia (funded through a Federal grant)
  • HB 1941 (chief co-patron), protecting First Amendment rights of protesters and those who would publicly criticize businesses from frivolous lawsuits (pending in Senate)
  • HB 222 (chief co-patron), allowing Emergency Medical Services to cross state lines
  • Drafted and secured unanimous passage of a Tennessee law to protect victims of domestic violence and their children
  • Crafted D.C. marriage-equality law with Councilman Phil Mendelson and successfully defended the law in court
  • Took on Bush Administration to stop federal funding to charities that practice employment discrimination
  • Represented Congressional Black Caucus in their legal challenge to Bush v. Gore

Background and Experience

  • Harvard University; Yale Law School; Fulbright Scholar
  • Attorney, Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP
  • Legislative Counsel for Democratic Congressman Barney Frank
  • Host, Inside Scoop, syndicated public policy radio program heard on 43 stations nationwide
  • Alexandria Democratic Committee Precinct Captain; Virginia Democratic Party Voter Protection Attorney combating GOP voter suppression


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