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I believe constituents have a right to know what their elected representatives are up to, particularly with regard to legislation they introduce. I plan to uphold what I call the Gold Standard of Transparency by directing my staff to video-record the proceedings on each of my bills as they come before subcommittee and committee. That way, every constituent can know exactly what was said and done on each of the 20 or so bills I introduce.  Scroll down to see my bills for the 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 sessions.

    Committee Assignments

    (2020, 2021)

    • Courts of Justice
    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Privileges and Elections
    • Public Safety

    (2018, 2019)

    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Militia, Police and Public Safety

    (2016, 2017)

    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Science and Technology


    Legislation (2020)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Presidential electors; National Popular Vote Compact (HB 177)

    Enters Virginia into a state compact to allow the National Popular Vote of the People of the United States (rather than the Electoral College) to elect the President of the United States

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    Determination of tie votes; recounts, special elections (HB 178)

    Resolves ties in elections by special election rather than the drawing of lots.

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    Recounts; procedure for certain ballots (HB 179)

    This prevents the unfairness of "discovering" a vote after the recount is completed.

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    Records of marriages; identification of race (HB 180)

    Removes race from being required on a Virginia marriage license

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    Historical Statues in the United States Capitol, Commission for; removal of Robert E. Lee statue (HB 181)

    Sets up a Commission to remove and replaces Virginia's Robert E. Lee statue from the US Capitol in Washington

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    General Assembly; streaming and recording of meetings (HB 182)

    Requires public streaming and archiving of all proceedings, whether in committee or subcommittee, to allow easy public scrutiny of what goes on in the General Assembly every day we are in session.

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    Libraries; assessment for costs in civil actions, disbursement for law libraries (HB 183)

    Allows localities to raise civil court administrative fees to better fund local law libraries

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    Legislation (2019)

    Click here for Mark's Letter on the 2019 Legislative Session Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Budget Amendment to Fund Live Streaming and Archiving of Subcommittees (HB1700)

    Filming subcomittees has the support of 85 Members of the House of Delegates and Senate. I have worked closely with my VTC co-founder Republican Senator Amanda Chase on this initiative. She and I disagree on most partisan issues, but we are steadfast allies on transparency.

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    Banning Discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity (HB 2421)

    This comprehensive legislation would ban discrimination in employment, housing, public accommodations, banking, insurance, apprenticeships, and every other place I could find in the Code of Virginia.

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    Legislation (2018)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Local alternative minimum wage (HB 39)

    Establishes a procedure by which a local alternative minimum wage may be imposed in any locality.

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    Family and Medical Leave Insurance Program (HB 40)

    Entitles individuals to a family and medical leave insurance (FMLI) benefit payment for each month they are engaged in qualified caregiving, not to exceed 60 qualified caregiving days per year.

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    Legislation (2017)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Paid family & medical leave for both parents. (HB 2126)

    Modeled on Kirsten Gillibrand's U.S. Senate bill, my legislation would support up to 60 days of family/medical leave at two thirds of normal income, at the cost of only 0.2% matching contributions by employees and employers.

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    Physical Evidence Recovery Kits (PERKs) storage. (HB 2127) Law

    This bill does two things.  First, it guarantees that evidence of sexual assault will be preserved until at least age 28. Second, it gives survivors of sexual assault (of any age) the option of extending the storage of evidence by 10 years at a time--as many times as they want--if they are not ready to pursue charges at that time.

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    Legislation (2016)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron Budget Request

    Raising the Minimum Wage - Full Testimony (HB 995)

    Mark Levine and advocates for raising the minimum wage presented a strong case for a locality by locality wage hike. The bill was then tabled for the year by the Republicans on the subcommittee on a party-line vote.

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    Defends Expungement Bill (HB 996)

    Virginia State Delegate Mark Levine proposed that non-violent drug possession offenders get one chance to remove their charge from their records so they could apply for jobs years later. Republicans on the Committee defeated the bill on a party-line vote.

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