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I believe constituents have a right to know what their elected representatives are up to, particularly with regard to legislation they introduce. I plan to uphold what I call the Gold Standard of Transparency by directing my staff to video-record the proceedings on each of my bills as they come before subcommittee and committee. That way, every constituent can know exactly what was said and done on each of the 20 or so bills I introduce.  Scroll down to see my bills for the 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 sessions.

    Committee Assignments


    • Courts of Justice
    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Privileges and Elections
    • Public Safety

    (2018, 2019)

    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Militia, Police and Public Safety

    (2016, 2017)

    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Science and Technology


    Legislation (2020)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Health care services; payment estimates (HB 188)

    Improves healthcare transparency by requiring doctors and hospitals to divulge the costs of procedures long before those procedures take place.

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    Health insurance; payment to out-of-network providers, emergency services (HB 189)

    Prohibits balance billing, surprise overcharges from out-of-network health care providers. 

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    Voter identification; repeal of photo identification requirements, additional forms (HB 190)

    Removes Voter ID requirements and allows a voter without ID to sign a statement under penalty of perjury and vote.

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    Inquiry and report of immigration status; persons charged with or convicted of certain crimes (HB 244)

    Repeals state laws that require local police to do the work of federal immigration enforcement. 

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    Fornication; repeal (HB 245)

    Believe it or not, sex out of wedlock is still a crime on the books in Virginia. While rare, people do still get arrested for this. And they shouldn't.

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    Law-enforcement agencies, local; body-worn camera systems (HB 246)

    Sets up the first Virginia law on police body-worn cameras and requires localities to adopt written guidelines with public comment prior to implementation.

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    Legislation (2019)

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    Strengthening Our Democracy (HB 2422)

    Changing our national system of electing the President of the United States from the Electoral College to the National Popular Vote. This bill would enter Virginia into an interstate compact known as the Agreement Among the States to Elect the President by National Popular Vote. If it succeeds, we will only need states comprising 85 more electoral votes to end this scourge on American democracy forever.

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    Banning Discrimination on the basis of gender at dry cleaners and laundries (HB 2423)

    This bill would ensure the cost of cleaning women's clothes would not cost more than the cost of cleaning men's clothes (or vice versa), unless a particular articles of clothing legitimately costs more for the establishment to clean.

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    Legislation (2018)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Mechanical devices designed to increase the rate of fire of firearms; penalty (HB 41)

    Prohibits the manufacture, import, sale or offer to sell, possession, transfer, or transportation of any device used to increase the rate of fire of any semi-automatic firearm beyond the capability of an unaided person to operate the trigger mechanism of that firearm. A violation is punishable as a Class 1 misdemeanor.

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    Alcoholic beverage control (HB 136)

    Allows annual mixed beverage special events licenses to be issued to localities for use at museums or other facilities owned by the locality and used primarily for historic interpretation.

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    Legislation (2017)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Considering any abuse in custody cases (Tyler’s Law). (HB 2128)

    This bill would allow courts in Virginia to consider a history of non-family child abuse and domestic violence by one of the parties when determining the custody of the child.  Family abuse is already considered. It gets its name from the courageous, eloquent young man who has testified in favor of the bill below. We came very close in 2017, and I will continue to bring this legislation forward until it is passed.

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    Virginia Human Rights Act: non-discrimination in employment & housing (HB 2129)

    My legislation would make discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity illegal with regard to employment, housing, and public accommodations. The law already covers covers race, color, religion, national origin, sex, pregnancy, childbirth or related medical conditions, age, marital status, disability, and status as a veteran. I plan to propose this extension to the act every year until it is passed.

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    Legislation (2016)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron Budget Request

    Proposes Bill to Decriminalize Marijuana in Virginia (HB 997)

    Virginia State Delegate Mark Levine proposed that non-violent drug possession offenders get one chance to remove their charge from their records so they could apply for jobs years later. Republicans on the Committee defeated the bill on a party-line vote.

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    Budget Amendments for law-enforcement agencies (HB 998)

    Mark Levine offered a budget amendment to direct funds in the budget to local law enforcement agencies for body cameras.

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