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I believe constituents have a right to know what their elected representatives are up to, particularly with regard to legislation they introduce. I plan to uphold what I call the Gold Standard of Transparency by directing my staff to video-record the proceedings on each of my bills as they come before subcommittee and committee. That way, every constituent can know exactly what was said and done on each of the 20 or so bills I introduce.  Scroll down to see my bills for the 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, and 2016 sessions.

    Committee Assignments


    • Courts of Justice
    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Privileges and Elections
    • Public Safety

    (2018, 2019)

    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Militia, Police and Public Safety

    (2016, 2017)

    • Health, Welfare and Institutions
    • Science and Technology


    Legislation (2020)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Infliction of injury on pedestrians and wheel chair users; penalties (HB 247)

    Helps pedestrians by increasing penalties for drivers who seriously injure pedestrians while disobeying traffic laws. This was brought to me by Alexandria Families for Safe Streets.

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    Marijuana; decriminalization of simple possession, penalty (HB 301)

    Decriminalizes marijuana possession. I still support full legalization, taxation, and regulation of marijuana but I will be happy to see us take this important step in the right direction this year. 

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    Redistricting; population data, reallocation of prison populations (HB 319)

    Ends "prison gerrymandering" by counting prisoner populations based on where the people in prison are from, not based on where they have been involuntarily sent.

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    Convictions, certain, and police and court records; petition for reclassification or expungement (HB 320)

    Allows people to expunge a crime from their record if it is no longer a crime. This will be very useful, for example, to people previously convicted of marijuana possession after my bill or a similar measure decriminalizing marijuana becomes law.

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    FOIA; electronic meetings, serious medical condition of immediate family member (HB 321)

    Make it easier for local elected officials to attend meetings electronically when a family member is seriously ill.

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    Minimum wage; local alternative minimum wage (HB 325)

    Allows localities to raise the minimum wage higher than the state or federal level. The cost of living is higher in Alexandria and Arlington than it is in Lynchburg and Danville. If elected local officials want to raise local minimum wages, state lawmakers should not stand in their way.

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    Employment; wage inquiries, civil penalty (HB 326)

    Bans employers from asking for the salary history of job applicants. People should be paid based on their value to an employer, not based on their salaries from prior jobs. Salary history questions have been reported as a leading cause of the still-existing pay gulf between men and women, and between whites and people of color.

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    Legislation (2019)

    Click here for Mark's Letter on the 2019 Legislative Session Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Increasing Transparency in Criminal Justice (HB 2424)

    Mandating the adoption and establishment of written policies for the operation of body-worn camera systems by police departments

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    Increasing Transparency in Health Care: monitoring of health care-associated infections (HB 2425)Law

    Requiring health-care facilities to monitor and report information regarding infections received in health-care settings to the State Department of Health

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    Legislation (2018)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Marijuana possession or distribution for medical purposes (HB 137)

    Provides an affirmative defense to prosecution for possession of marijuana if a person has a valid written certification issued by a practitioner for cannabidiol oil or THC-A oil for treatment of, or to alleviate the symptoms of, cancer.

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    Fornication; repeals crime (HB 138)

    Repeals the crime of fornication, i.e., voluntary sexual intercourse by an unmarried person.

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    Legislation (2017)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron

    Protecting transportation funding with a gradual fuel tax. (HB 2130)

    Due to the volatility of gas prices, transportation funding tied to fuel taxes is inconsistent and often insufficient.  HB 2130 would, in the Northern Virginian counties with a need for greater public transportation funding, allow for a gradual increase in the fuel tax as the price of gas goes down, capped at $0.14/gallon.  The tax will remain at the higher level once raised, so that long-term transportation funding is increased.

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    Funding Law Libraries (HB 2131)

    This bill would allow Alexandria to increase funding for law libraries by increasing the tax on lawsuits by up to $3.

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    Legislation (2016)

    Introduced (Patron) Chief Co-Patron Co-Patron Budget Request

    Adoption of Successful California Family Medical Leave Act (HB 999)

    Mark Levine proposed that Virginia adopt a wildly successful plan from California that would have afforded Virginians paid leave for times when their families need them most - unfortunately Republicans once again sided with big business against working Virginians and their families.

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    Online Gun Sale Background Checks (HB 1000)

    Mark Levine proposed a common sense addition to Virginia's gun sale regulations - regulate sales online to keep our families safe. Republicans on the subcommittee killed the bill, which would have kept criminals from buying guns illegally.

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