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How YOU Can Help Impeach Donald Trump

Coming Down to the Wire

It's game time.

Donald Trump is likely to face a vote to impeach him before Thanksgiving.
If that happens, the Senate will likely decide whether or not to remove him from office by March.

You can have a major impact on whether Trump is removed from office.

You can help impeach this man.
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How can you help, you say?

After all, you have Democratic Representatives and Senators in Congress, and you know how they’re voting.

Because impeachment and conviction are political decisions.
Both Democrats and Republicans are looking to see how the American People feel before they act.

A dramatic electoral victory for Democrats would not only help give federal Democratic elected officials the courage to do the right thing. It would push nervous Republicans — who know the President is corruptly abusing his power to further his personal ambition — to do the right thing as well. Knowing the American People are behind Trump's removal from office, those Republicans who love their country more than Trump can then desert the sinking ship.

Sure, folks can look at polls. But we all know polls can be off. Polls look at hundreds of voters. Not thousands and certainly not millions. If only there were some way to have a statewide election prior to Thanksgiving to let Congress know what voters think…hmmm....

We’re in luck!

On November 5, 2019 — in just two weeks and two days — 
the entire Commonwealth of Virginia will have statewide elections for every one of its legislative seats.
In the Virginia House of Delegates, Democrats control 49 out of 100 seats. We have the Governorship and are likely to have the Virginia Senate as well.
So just two more House seats and we flip the House from red to blue. Then, everything changes.

Two more house seats and Virginia passes the Equal Rights Amendment, becoming the 38th and final state necessary to ratify it.

We were one vote short last year.
Two more house seats and Virginia takes us a major step forward toward ending the Electoral College, that undemocratic ridiculous part of our Constitution that put Trump in power in the first place.
Two more seats and Virginia goes from having the worst gun laws in the nation to some of the strongest.

Virginia can:

- raise the minimum wage
- lower the cost of health care
- take major steps to fight climate change
- increase labor protections
- end legal discrimination against Rainbow (LGBTQ) Virginians
- promote criminal justice reform
- and much, much more!

Of course, Virginia has one of the shortest legislative sessions in the country:  just two months from early January to early March 2020. That means, if we Flip Virginia, we can quickly show the nation how much progressives can accomplish when we are in power.

We can use this to defeat cynics who might otherwise not vote in 2020 because they don’t think their votes can bring about real change. Virginia is the only state in the nation where your impact today can make a major difference in momentum going into 2020.


I've asked you to contribute to the cause, and many of you already have.
There are at least a dozen seats that, if the election were held today, would be too close to call!
That means that every dollar contributed plays a significant role in flipping Virginia.
and showing the American People that the time is up for the most corrupt and incompetent President in American history.

But if you've given all you can, have you thought about asking your friends outside Virginia to contribute as well?

As I explain in the video below -- which I invite you to share with your American friends and family outside Virginia! -- Virginia 2019 is critical to the nation’s momentum, both for impeachment in the short-term and for the 2020 Elections.

Click above to find a video I made -- suitable for sharing out of state!
on why Virginia in 2019 matters so much.

Please forward the video to your friends out of state.

Virginia is the only state that can change hands prior to the 2020 Elections. 

Virginia is the only elections that can affect the likelihood of impeachment. 

Virginia is the only game in town.

Delegate Mark Levine
Proudly serving Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax 
in the Virginia House of Delegates