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Newsletter - April 16, 2018

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Debating Corey Stewart on FOX
(Last Week)

March on Richmond for Medicaid Expansion

Veto Session

How Mistreating Immigrants Increases Crime...

Last week, I was invited on Laura Ingraham's primetime nation show on FOX to defend Governor Northam's veto of the Republican "Sanctuary Cities" bill, a bill that, if it became law, would have no legal impact -- both because it is unconstitutional and because Virginia has no "sanctuary cities". However fear of this law would have an impact. It would likely cause undocumented immigrants to mistrust local police so much that they fail to report crimes, lest they be deported. Thus the bill, if it became law, would increasecrime and be a boon to vicious gangs like the MS-13 that prey primarily on the undocumented.

Ingraham and Stewart made the repeated false implication that allowing undocumented immigrants to live safely among us increases crime. But actually, statistics clearly show they commit crimes at a far lesser rate than American citizens.

Check out the five-minute clip by clicking above.

March on Richmond for Medicaid Expansion! 

Please join us tomorrow at 2 pm at the Capitol

Tomorrow (Tuesday the 17th) at 4 pm, the Virginia General Assembly will meet again in special session to vote on a budget that, we hope, will include Medicaid Expansion. And while we have reason to hope that it will eventually occur, it's certainly not a done deal.

If you can take the day off tomorrow, I encourage you to join Virginians for Medicaid Expansion at its rally at 2pm at the Bell Tower in Capitol Square just before we go into session. I'll be speaking, along with many of my colleagues.

We cannot be complacent. We have to keep the pressure on, until 400,000 Virginians get health care and $421 million comes into our budget in what must be the greatest win/win policy of modern times.

This will be the public’s last opportunity to lobby the full Virginia General Assembly on Medicaid Expansion before the issue is decided.

Join us this Tuesday for the March on Richmond for Medicaid Expansion!


Veto Session (Wednesday)


Then at noon on Wednesday the 18th, the Virginia General Assembly will meet again to consider the 63 bills that were either vetoed by the Governor or sent back to us with his recommendations. This includes important legislation like the Governor's veto of the "sanctuary cities" bill I discuss above, as well as his vetoes of the Arlington golf club tax cut, a bill to attack the Clean Power Initiative, and a bill to prohibit localities from paying prevailing wages.

We will also on Wednesday consider the Governor's many recommendations, such as his well-considered plan to allow us to fund Metro with a small increase in tax on hotel users and real property transfers, instead of raiding our current funds for roads, bridges, public transit, and other necessary transportation infrastructure.

Here's the full list of bills.


8 Governor’s Vetoes  - HBs 1101583751167120412571270, and 1568      

32 Governor’s Recommendations - HBs 8315519228428629736537651152354363866568076376577088788891910001144116312581328135114271441145015391595, and 1598


2 Governor’s Vetoes - SBs 521 and 926

21 Governor’s Recommendations SBs 106249267278343378405526631669755823834844856902934935942964, and 972  


I am generally inclined to support the Governor on these bills, unless you give me a good reason to do otherwise. As Assistant Whip, it is my job to get other Democrats on board as well. So if you have a point of view on any of this legislation, please email me as soon as possible, so I can review your email prior to voting on Wednesday.

It is always my honor and privilege to serve you.

Delegate Mark Levine
Serving Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax in Virginia's 45th District