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Newsletter - January 25, 2019

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My regular weekly newsletter will go out as usual, Sunday the 27th. 
It's been a very eventful week, and the newsletter will be chock-full of detail.

But because some things are happening this weekend you might want to be aware of, I knew I couldn't wait until Sunday to get the word out.


with Senator Adam Ebbin

Saturday, January 26, 10:30-12:00 pm

Minnie Howard School

3801 W Braddock Rd., Alexandria
Join us for a Legislative Town Hall Meeting tomorrow, Saturday, January 26th at 10:30 am. Senator Ebbin and I will present updates on the 2019 General Assembly Session, answer your questions, and address your priorities.

Doors will open at 10:15 am, and we will begin promptly at 10:30 am.

The conversation at Minnie Howard School will be moderated by Michael Lee Pope, Correspondent with Connection Newspapers and Virginia Public Radio.

See you there!

Blue and Yellow Lines

South of Braddock Road

to Close for Maintenance this Weekend,

Saturday/Sunday Jan. 26-27


Free shuttles will be available for affected metrorail users tomorrow and Sunday. 


Blue Line

  • Stations closed: Franconia-Springfield, Van Dorn St and King St
  • Free shuttle buses replace Blue Line trains between Braddock Road, King Street, Van Dorn Street, and Franconia-Springfield.
  • Trains every 20 minutes, Braddock Road to Largo Town Center
  • Blue Line trains will single track between Stadium-Armory and Addison Rd.


Work performed: Grout pad renewal, power cable renewal and installation of cable/communication equipment to support cellular service in tunnels and new radio system.


Yellow Line

  • Stations closed: Huntington, Eisenhower Ave and King St
  • Free shuttle buses replace Yellow Line trains between Braddock Road, King Street, Eisenhower Ave, and Huntington
  • Trains every 20 minutes, Braddock Rd to Mt Vernon Sq

Work performed: power cable renewal and installation of cable/communication equipment to support cellular service in tunnels and new radio system.


See here for more details.


PLEASE NOTE: There is another weekend shutdown planned for March 2 & 3, the last shut down before the great summer shutdown from Memorial Day to Labor Day.

Silver lining: after the summer shutdown, Metro has promised me they will not do any major work on the NOVA Yellow or Blue Lines for many years to follow.


The Bills I Have Chief Co-Patroned 


All of these bills I have introduced in the past (many, for consecutive years), and I am proud to co-introduce them this year.


HB 1653: Similar to my HB 2650

Status: Courts of Justice Subcommittee lay it on the table on a vote of 5-1 to allow my HB 2650 to proceed.


HB 1956: Banning firearms at permitted events/protests.

Status: A Militia, Police, and Public Safety Subcommittee killed the bill on a party-line vote of 4-1.


HB 2079: Marijuana; decriminalization of simple possession, penalty.

Status: A Courts of Justice Subcommittee killed the bill on a party-line vote of 5-3.


HB 2120: Paid Family Medical Leave Program; established, financing through payroll taxes.

Status: Assigned to a Commerce and Labor, Subcommittee.


HB 2261: Employees; paid medical and family leave, civil penalties.

Status: Assigned to a Commerce and Labor Subcommittee.


The Bills I Have Co-Patroned (So Far)

During a short legislative session, House members can introduce no more than 15 bills.
As many of the bills I support are quite progressive, they are usually unable to withstand Republican majorities in Committees and Subcommittees and make it to the Floor for me to vote.

In other words, if I'm not on the examining committee, I don't get an opportunity to vote for many of the bills I deeply support. 

Co-patroning my colleagues' bills and resolutions is my way of showing that I would have supported a large number of bills that may never come to me for a vote.

Here's the complete list of every one of the 162 bills, constitutional amendments, and resolutions I have co-patroned so far this year.*

*They don't include, of course, the 15 bills, constitutional amendment, and budget amendments I have introduced. I'll address those in my regular newsletter tomorrow.

It is always my honor and privilege to serve you.

Delegate Mark Levine
Serving Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax in Virginia's 45th District