Representing Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax

Newsletter - May 1, 2016

Arlington Gun Store Sues Protestors! 

I've been sued for speaking out! And I'm hardly the only one. Sixty-four of us -- including fellow Democrats in the General Assembly and in local government -- have been sued by the Arlington gun store that just opened in a peaceful residential neighborhood near a child care center despite the vociferous protests of residents who live there.

The store complains that we 64 have criticized their business and singles me out in particular, because I have urged people not to shop there.

I will not be intimidated by this flagrant attack on your and my First Amendment rights. (Watch News Video.)

Defending the Governor's Vetoes 

Last week, we returned to Richmond to decide whether or not to override Governor Terry McAuliffe's vetoes. I voted to sustain all of the Governor's vetoes. In fact, I'm proud to say we Democrats hung together and did not allow the General Assembly to override a single veto.

By defending the Governor's vetoes, we defeated bills that attacked Planned Parenthood, the LGBT community, and the Governor's efforts to stop climate change. We Democrats also defeated bills that would have lessened the standard for gun crimes, allowed school censorship, prevented Alexandria and Arlington from paying a decent wage in public contracts, and weakened localities' power to explain the Union side of the Civil War. (In speaking out on this last issue, I shared with the General Assembly some of Alexandria's unique Civil War history.)

It was a long day but a proud one.

Rally Against Rape

Every year, the last Thursday in April, Caroline Romano brings together survivors of sexual assault and their allies at the Rally Against Rape. This year, the pouring rain could not stop courageous women from sharing their harrowing stories and asking tough questions of Arlington County Board Member Katie Cristol and me as to how we should make policy to address their needs and the needs of future victims.

I was honored to be the keynote speaker and to share my sister's story at the event.

The more we talk about our personal experiences and the more we work to end any sort of stigma from attaching to innocent victims, the more we can do to prevent these crimes in the first place and prosecute them when they do occur.

And Lots More...

Hanging with constituents in support of NARAL

Meeting Alexandria's next generation of environmentalists on Earth Day

Planting a tree on Earth Day with Mayor Silberberg, Councilmembers Tim Lovain,
John Chapman, and Del Pepper, and 3-year-old Olivia.

Thanks to all who attended my Monthly Meet-Up!

It is always my honor and privilege to serve you.

Delegate Mark Levine
Serving Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax in Virginia's 45th District