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Newsletter - November 8, 2019

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The Election is over.
Let's get to work...

Tomorrowearly in the morning, I drive to Richmond to help pick the next Speaker of the Virginia House of Delegates. Then I drive home tomorrow night.

Then, the day after:  Sunday, November 10, from 1 to 3 pm, 
I report to you -- my bosses -- to get my marching orders for next year.

What do you want me to do?

Please join us at Los Tios in Del Ray (2615 Mt. Vernon Ave)

for a special edition of Mark's Monthly Meetup.

 We will talk about the election results
and where you want us to go from here.


With the historic electoral victory now behind us, my focus turns to determining my legislative agenda for the 2020 session. My Democratic colleagues and I are thrilled to finally be able to do the work of governing. 

I already have a good idea of many of the bills I will introduce next year, most of which are bills that I've introduced in years past: Rainbow Equal Rights, allowing localities to raise their minimum wage, background checks and banning assault weapons, stopping predatory lending, preventing elder and child abuse, discarding the electoral college, lowering the cost of health care, transparency in government, making it easier to register to vote, and much, much more. 

But I need to hear from you.

What do you want to see from my colleagues and me in the General Assembly?

Which policy ideas are you most excited about? 

The Equal Rights Amendment? Stopping gun violence? Reducing the cost of health care? Funding Metro? Helping our schools?

Let's talk!

This is not a fundraiser, just my chance to talk with you in an informal setting about what matters to you.

I can't necessarily please everyone, but I sure can try.

Hope to see you tomorrow....

In the Community...

At Nam-Viet for the Arlington Democrats post-election unity luncheon.

At the Legislative Forum on Aging Issues,
hosted by the Commissions on Aging of Alexandria and Arlington.

I was joined on the panel by Kevin Saucedo-Broach (aide to Delegate Alfonso Lopez), Kate Petersen (aide to Del. Rip Sullivan), Del. Charniele Herring, Senator Adam Ebbin, Julia Chun (aide to Sen. Barbara Favola), and Sen. George Barker. 

It is always my honor and privilege to serve you.

Delegate Mark Levine
Serving Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax in Virginia's 45th District