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Time Is Up!

As you know, Virginia Republicans have consistently voted to do nothing to reduce gun violence.

That's why every single Republican in the Virginia legislature voted to adjourn the July 9 Special Session.
That's why they killed every single one of the dozens of pending bills on gun safety until after Virginia has new elections.

They say Virginians don't care about gun violence.

Are they right?  I don't think so.

In a fig leaf effort to pretend they care -- or as one of their members said, to "neutralize the conversation" and "make it go away" -- 
Republicans set up a Commission and ordered it not to make any recommendation to stop gun violence until after Virginians go to the polls on November 5.

And, in order to pretend it was a legitimate legislative hearing rather than a farce, they gave bill proponents 3 minutes (just 180 seconds!) to present our detailed proposals.

I used my 3 minutes to point out the hearing was a sham. But I only got about a minute or two, because they interrupted me several times.

Watch my remarks by clicking here or on the image below. 

Click image above to watch my remarks before the Crime Commission.

Republicans say Virginia voters do not want any new laws or policies to stop gun violence.

Democrats disagree.

Republicans say after 180 seconds, our time is up to consider gun legislation.

We say their time is up.

Vote Tuesday, November 5 for legislators who care enough to work to stop gun violence.

We have to tell the Republican Majority their time is up.

Always proud and honored to serve you,