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Virginia Republicans Today Endorse Gun Violence

Virginia Republicans Today
Endorse Gun Violence

It was over in a split second.

Virginia Republicans today voted to REJECT 
doing ANYTHING to try to stop gun violence.

They refused to even allow debate on the issue.

Republicans on the Militia Committee vote to refuse to allow any debate on any Virginia bill
that would try to prevent gun violence and to kill all pending legislation.

In less than 30 seconds, they insisted we cannot consider any bill, of any kind,
to prevent more than one thousand innocent Virginians from being gunned down next year and every year,
as they spit in the faces of gun-violence victims and the millions of Virginians who reject gun violence.

Then they adjourned the House and Senate until after the Elections.

This is the Republican agenda on guns:


They insist Virginians run and hide and die,
as casualties mount.

If you disagree with this agenda,
you know what to do.

Vote Democratic on November 5, 2019

Democrats voting to allow the Militia Committee to consider bills to prevent gun violence.
(I'm in the center.)

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to elect people who believe in taking action to stop gun violence.

I'm tired of thoughts and prayers and funerals.
Aren't you?