Representing Alexandria, Arlington, and Fairfax

I'm proud to represent portions of the City of Alexandria, Arlington County, and Fairfax County. The ballot differs, however, in each jurisdiction I represent.

Not all of the local candidates appear on the ballot as Democrats, but you should know that every one of these candidates has the support of the local Democratic Party Committee. 

Coming Down to the Wire: It's game time.

Donald Trump is likely to face a vote to impeach him before Thanksgiving. If that happens, the Senate will likely decide whether or not to remove him from office by March.

You can have a major impact on whether Trump is removed from office.

Did you get your tax rebate check last week?  If you're married, the tax rebate check should be $220. 

You almost didn't receive that check. Virginia Republicans pushed hard to make all the benefits of the Trump Tax Plan flow to the richest Virginians, but we Democrats fought tooth and nail to make sure that all Virginians would benefit. 

Rosh Hashanah is about so much more than marking the passage of time.

It is a celebration of new beginnings, renewal, and family.

I am finding these themes especially potent this year, with elections right around the corner here in Virginia.

400 years after the founding of the Commonwealth, this year's elections offer us an opportunity to start a new chapter in Virginia's history, to re-create a Virginia where all families thrive.

When it was discovered that the President of the United States had bribed Ukraine — promising them $400 million in desperately-needed military aid if they did him “a favor” by manufacturing dirt on his political opponent to help him win the 2020 elections (just as Russia had done for him in 2016) — Virginia Democrats led the fight to preserve American democracy and the integrity of our elections against Trump’s abuse of power and the massive White House cover up.
But Virginia Republicans, like most Republicans nationwide (with the honorable exceptions of Senators Romney and Sasse), did not. Virginia Republicans uniformly opposed any investigation into the lawlessness and corruption of the President and the Attorney General of the United States. Nor did they say a word about the White House scheme to hide all evidence of Trump’s abuses of power in special servers designed for highly classified material — servers designed for national security, not to cover up Presidential felonies.

Two months ago on July 25 -- the day after Robert Mueller testified about how much Donald Trump and his team welcomed the Russian espionage/interference in our 2016 election that made Trump President -- Donald Trump asked a "favor" of the new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy: conduct a bogus investigation into false allegations against Joe Biden to help Trump win in 2020.